Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its in the air!

Not love silly... Ever wondered about all the sound bites that go floating around you? Somehow, when people are sitting with strangers, they tend to feel as if they don't need to be discreet. Now I seriously don't understand the logic. If you don't want somethings to be heard by people close to you, why would you want those things to be heard by complete strangers? I am not complaining though! :) Ok! I am not into eavesdropping, but what do you do when somebody is so loud that you are sure, they want you to hear it! And if its meaty, spicy, sausy and hot... my mouth would water!

It was a Wednesday, so hubby wouldn't have been back from office till late evening. I was tired of my books and there were a couple of things to be done in the town area, so I decided to go scouting around the city by myself that day.

Had a quick bite and locked up the doors and was all set. I came out and was waiting for the lift. There walked in this lady with 2 tiny kids. I never saw their dad, but my hubby told me that it may not be a very nice idea to make a mention of the missing parent, in this part of the world. So I just smiled at the 2 angels and the lady, who at the moment was coming down heavy on someone on the other side. "What the f#%@! I have told you, I am going to pay that bill. How on earth can you disconnect the line. Give the phone to Pedro!"

Pedro I guess was the favoured one, so the tone was more sing song and purring, "Pedro! Baby what is this guy saying? Didn't I tell you I am waiting for a cheque! Honey, do you think I am gonna scoot off with your money? Sweety, I am not gonna cheat you out of all the people! When are you coming over, its been ages since we sat over a drink? And I am gonna give the cheque to you at my place, OK! Come and get it..." And I walked away smiling, Pedro was gonna 'get it' :P

I just walked past my building and there were these kids playing, some 7-8 years old I guess. And my ears heard, "Jeromy said, you wanna be my boyfriend. But my mom says, I can't make boyfriends till I am 16!"

"Ok I promise I'll kiss you only on the cheeks. You can tell my mom if I didn't keep my promise! C'mon! it'll be so cool..."

"Boys will be boys" is a stupid cliche, but quite true!

I am grinning ear to ear and walking ahead! "Nice smile Miss!" says a guy working on the lawn at this hopital! Small joys of living in a small town! :)

I went inside, I had to collect some medical reports. The receptionist asked me to wait in the lounge. I went in and picked up a magazine! There were 3 people already waiting there. They were waiting to see a doctor is what I presumed. Just then a handsome bloke walked in, he was a doctor! He was looking for someone and left the room after peeping. "Holy christ! This fella is a doctor now!" cried the guy sitting in our roon to the girl he was with.

"Why, what about him?"

"He was such a jerk, in high school! I have always seen him with something broken, either his arm or leg or knee...! Always surrounded by the most delicious chics in the school! He was a goner in school, I am sure his dad must have pulled some strings to get him where he is. Some people just have all the luck. I wonder how many have died under his knife so far."

The old lady was a little perturbed and she looked at him, "By the way, he happens to be a cardiac surgeon and is treating me. He happens to have made quite a name for himself!" That stopped the guy.

Anyways, my name was called out and I got up; so did this guy and his girl. On his way out he didn't miss to retort, "So he is a heart surgeon! What an irony, he must have played around with so many and he is in the business of repairing them now!" Sometimes, jealousy and complexes can turn you into a jackass!

I took my bus to downtown and walked around a little! I thought I'd pick up a doughnut before I went ahead with my shopping. It was a nice weather. I didn't want to sit inside the eatery so I came out and sat on a bench on the side walks. I couldn't help but look around and admire almighty. Every face on the road is different and so are their stories! "Hi! How are you doing?" Strangers greeting you is not uncommon here and something I appreciate in this culture. I smiled at and wished him back. "Are you from around here?" he asked.

"Well no, not really. But I live in this city now." I replied to this old gentleman accompanied by someone somewhat younger than him.

"Do you see, Jimmy boy? So many travellers in this town now. When I was a kid, my old man used to bring me here right here on this very square to meet Santa during christmas. I knew every single kid who came to the square that day by his or her first name and my parents knew theirs and so on! Kids these days know everything, in those days, I was such a dork! Mary told me when I was 10, that there are no Santas and my dad packs'em up, those presents! Oh Boy, what days! Hey... do you wanna ask this lady here for a cup of coffee? She seems to be all by herself!

Like I said, people tend to drop their guard. I can hear him talking about me with that sheepish grin, and did he not just speak to me in English, in case he had any doubts about me not understanding English. I quite like the old man though! :)

I walked into this shop across the street. There was a guy already at the counter. A woman walked in after me. Quite the piece! From the looks of her, she seemed to be Russian or something. She had this beautiful long golden hair done up in a plait. She smiled and made a small talk with the shop-keeper, bought her things and went away.

The other guy's eyes ushered her out of the shop, and something makes me think, that his mind even walked with her all the way to her home. Still looking at the door he asked, "who is she?"

The shop-keeper told him, "Oh She! She is Ms. Dashia! She is a widow.'

>>"Ohh! what tradegy"

"I said she is a widow, I never said she is alone"

>>"A woman like that would never be;Lucky bastard, whoever it is!"

"Well! Lucky are the bastard's'!! Came a reply with a wink.

>> "Well you speak as if you are one of the favoured ones! ahaa!"

"Ohh no no no! I am man with wife and kids, no such crap for me. I am not into all this man!"

Ahh Mr.! you are into a lot of crap, from what I can see!

Anyways, I thought I'd call it a day and head homewards. I caught my bus to Silverlane and sat down, with the day replaying in my head. My feet were hurting a little with all the walking and shopping, so I just eased up a little on my seat and closed my eyes.

>>"Hiiiii! What a surprise to hear from you! I called you yesterday and got your voice mail, so I left my number and was wondering if you would even recognize me and call!"

>>"Yeahh! I am working here itself, my office is in Downtown. Where do you work?"

Some Indian gal had found some Indian bloke she knew in this part of the world. I couldn't help but notice that there was a more than mere joy in her voice and the response from the other end was encouraging if not anything else!

>>"Ohh thats amazing! Its close by, we should catch up for lunch or coffee sometime"

>>"By the way I saw your wedding photos. You guys make a good pair. And you haven't lost any of your charms post marriage, I must say!

My ears are craning out of my head now...

>>"Yeahh! My folks are looking out for me now. I was dating someone, but that didn't work out and I am over it now."
>>"Ya! Its so wierd man, I guess we never spoke in school, but so much has changed since school."
>>"Hahaha! Do you know, we gals used to follow you home from tutions, you were quite a hit among the gals. You have no clue how many hearts you broke when you got married."

Hmm... so flirting is the name of the game!

>>"Ohh C'mon Sushil, you are flattering me now!!"

Heyyyyy!>>>>>>>>>>> Wait a minute!, Did I hear Sushil? What are the chances of there being some other 'newly-wed Sushil working in Downtown' this part of the world. I quickly dialled his number from my phone.... "the number that you've dialled is busy at the moment, please try again later"

Whaaaaaatttt Thhheeeeeeeee Helllllllllllllll !!!


Ramesh said...

Oh, what a delightful read. Lucky you - wandering happily, observing life, chatty folks. What a change from Fatima, Hyperion, .....

You truly write so well. I wish you had used flowery prose in the good old days when Ms Abbas had to be told off !!!

Deepa said...

:D:D I wish flowery prose would have worked on her!

zeno said...

again this one left me "bursting out in laughter" :) :D :P

Deepa said...

Thanks zeno! It indeed was for laughs! :D