Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love you and Miss you!

This was written in spring, but never posted...

Its spring time and there is pollen all around. If you come back home after a short walk outside, you could dust off loads and loads of green stuff from your clothes. Thankfully this lasts only for a month or two in a year. But its spring time for 'Love you's and 'Miss you's all year round. You could dust off as much as you want, but you'll be showered with tons more.

If you're staying away from your social circle, be prepared for astronomical proportions of this stuff. And maybe its the 'in-thing' in India, just like there are other million things that people say when they open or close a conversation, that have absolutely no sincerity. Incidentally, its the female species who is infected by this phenomena severely, although you would see an occasional male mouthing these frivolities too! The quintessential aunt, the cheesy girl friend, the long lost school friend, the college-mate who you never spoke to in college, an ex-colleague who you knew, hated you from the gut! All these are the primary carriers of the pollen.

But sit down and think about how many times your mom or dad said, "I love you my child and I miss you. Although, I am immensely proud to see you doing so well wherever you go, but there is not a moment when I wish you were here by my side." They never have to say it and you do your best to prevent them having to say it aloud. Or think about how many times your closest friend says to you, "I miss you because every time there is something I have to tell you, I hold it inside me is because I don't want to bother you, since you are far away!"

Sometimes, there are things you rather not say. But yesterday a dear friend of mine messaged and said, "hey there, whats up! Study hard and get those exams out of your way. Btw heard your favorite song on the radio and remembered you. Missed you! :("

How was this different from the green dust? I have no answer, but I thank god that I have learnt to differentiate now!


Appu said...

But we all do sincerely miss your writing!
So write more please :)

But true that kind of messages/touching things happen and they are moments of treasure and pleasure :)

Ramesh said...

Madam. Thy writing is of considerable interest to this reader. Periodic deprivation of this reading pleasure is leading to a regrettable hiatus in this pleasurable experience. Occasional interludes of old posts languishing in draft status that have belatedly seen the light of the day only serve to whet the appetite that had regressed into dormancy. We are therefore of the opinion that a submission that cobwebs need time to form, but periodically have to be brushed away, would be an appropriate one to make.

See - no miss you or love you at all :)

Deepa said...

@Appu- See... I said I can differentiate now! Thank you! :) I am going to try to write more often.

@Ramesh! :D :D :D phew! This arachnid is blessed to have patrons like you all, who haven't taken a broom and smashed me against the wall yet, for my indolence!

rahul aggarwal said...

the title of this post reminded me of the song from DELHI BELLY : i hate you like a love you :-)

.. i agree with you .. my friends whenever they run short of money they'll sms me with subjectline "ASAP money needed .. love u bro"

selfish devils!!! :P


and that's the closest i ever get to someone saying love u , miss u to me!!!


Sumanth said...

From the Heart it does flow
To the many eyes it’s a glow
Sometimes surges sometimes ebbs
Like the waves is what we see ‘Cobwebs’

New experiences await the garb of words.....and we wait as we would for the bards